Joyce, all went very well. Chris is really nice man and did a great job. I booked the next appointment for 6 wks, same time. Thank you for the great service and customer support you provide. If someone would like a reference, please feel free to give them my email or number.

Ok. I am always writing about our health needs, but what about the health needs of your pet. I have always been very skittish about dropping my dog off to be groomed. I don't like her caged for hours as she waits her turn. By the time I would pick her up, she was shell-shocked beyond belief. Then I found Animal Palace....
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Dear Joyce,

Your groomer did a CATriffic Clown Cut on Sweetheart! I think I like it better than the Lion Cut. Her cute, sweet face shows beautifully! Still see a few black dots on her. Hopefully none tomorrow! If so, I will call you for your wise and comforting counsel.


Animal Palace groomed my lovely 9 year old Bernese, Diva today. Not only did they pay attention to every detail including shaping her round Bernese paws and sculpting her tail and withers, but more importantly they are a lovely company who was exquisitely sensitive to all of her needs. She loved you guys, as do I...
Andrea P

Dear Joyce,

I just want to thank you again for suggesting one of your wonferful groomers to groom our new pup (who is now 8 months old!!). I couldn't be happier as they are so talented and so wonderful with Echo! He is such a kind and patient man who obviously loves what he does. He is so gentle with Echo who is still a little "groomer shy" but I know he will be able to win him over. I have no doubt about that. You have certainly won me over already!!

I thought you would get a kick out of this picture. Doesn't Echo look gorgeous or I guess I should say handsome!!! Please convey to the groomer my appreciation. I only wish he wasn't so hard to book on his Sundays!! I tried to make the next appointment as soon as he left and he was booked already!!! I can certainly see why! Please, if he has a cancellation on his Sunday in September call me. I would be ever so appreciative!

Thanks again!

Sally Hout and Echo

Dear Joyce and Amanda

Sky's grooming experience was great during and after. The fact that he is a cat speaks for itself, but the groomer handled him like a pro and while Sky was apprehesive he tolerated everything from the grooming, tub bath, to the blow dry effortlessly, and the fact I was allowed to be with him was a positive for me. Afterwards he was calm and went about his business like nothing had ever happened. Thank you ANIMAL PALACE- GREAT JOB - we will see you in September.

Susan B

Hi Joyce and Amanda,

I am a new client and want to share with you how excited and happy we ALL are with your service.

First of all, Joyce, I chose your company because you answered the phone right away,you were warm and friendly and honest about your services and process. That won me over right away.

The second win was your amazing staff. The groomer groomed my 3 dogs, 2 Shi Tzu and 1 Long Haired Chihuahua.

All three of my dogs are calm now after the groom. The groomer actually hugged one of my dogs while he was drying her because she was shaking... it was such a sight to see. My dogs did not have the 'stress'

Debbie Dragone

Hi Amanda,

The groomer just left and she gave Mr. Bucky a fantastic haircut. I am so happy we did it and plan on being a regular customer. The groomer was so nice and a great groomer. See you next time.


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